Decluttering Services

Decluttering Services

Are you a single householder or live with a spouse, children, other family members, and/or pets? The clutter barometer gets higher with each additional person and pet. And if you inherited your parents’ or other relatives’ belongings after their demise, things become even more challenging.

Dealing with all this clutter can be daunting, especially when you’ve run out of patience, room, and solutions. You and your clutter are unique and require an assessment and action plan that meets your needs. We can help!

Remember: There’s no judgment or blame, no matter how deep or high the piles. There are solutions to all clutter, and a huge payoff to clearing your clutter. You’ll experience a great sense of satisfaction, gratification, and expansion.

Serendipity Organizing Service℠ helps you clear your clutter and provides tips on how to live clutter-free. We’ll set an appointment to meet with you and talk confidentially about your needs, create a work plan and time line to accomplish your goals, and be your coach and help you throughout the process.

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