About Elizabeth Bertani

I’m Elizabeth Bertani, founder of Serendipity Organizing Service.

I spent 30 years as a marketing professional in the natural products industry. During those years, I honed my experience and skill for managing projects and working with a wide range of people. Along the way, I raised a family, moved often, and experienced lots of transitions.

Serendipity was founded in 2008, driven by my passion for organizing and an overwhelming desire to work with people on a one-to-one basis to help them through transitions and the journey to living more gracefully with less stuff.

The underpinning of Serendipity Organizing Service is the belief that we can live more simply, easily, and sustainably by making thoughtful choices about how we spend our time, money and energy.

I hold a BA in Environmental Studies and an MBA from Sonoma State University in Sonoma County, California.

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